Key Criteria for Evaluating DevSecOps Tools

October 04, 2021

Evaluation Guide for Technology Decision Makers

It’s an absolute necessity for security to be top-of-mind when writing and deploying software. Ideally, developers also have the skills and responsibilities of security engineers and build the appropriate risk-mitigation features into their software applications, while following appropriate procedures and applying policies that mitigate potential risk. Unfortunately, security isn’t always the highest priority when working in fast-paced environments. 

In our report “‘Key Criteria for Evaluating DevSecOps Tools” and the associated GigaOm Radar report, you’ll gain a better understanding of DevSecOps from a practical perspective. This Key Criteria report shows decision makers what they should look for as they address the need to protect applications, data, services and more— without losing their ability to remain innovative and produce new software solutions.

You’ll discover more findings about DevSecOps in this report such as:

  • How DevSecOps encompasses leading-edge, cloud-native security best practices, such as security by design, shift-left and zero-trust architectures

  • Best practices for balancing the need for development speed and agility with the requirement to minimize the risk (and resulting cost) of a security failure

  • What tooling directly supports the needs of developers and engineers by augmenting process/pipeline, management and governance capabilities

  • How DevSecOps tooling delivers value by building on software and architecture vulnerability scanning, application and infrastructure hardening and other well-established areas of IT security

Check out the report and start enabling your teams to develop and deliver software both quickly and securely.