Top IT and dev trends to prepare for in 2016

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It seems like just yesterday that we were talking about what tech pros learned in 2015 and what they want to learn in 2016—that’s because it actually was yesterday. Check out it here. And today, we’re covering the top IT, dev and creative trends you need to prep for in 2016. We chatted with our authors, internal experts and subscribers to get a feel for what 2016 will bring. It’s only Day 6 of 365, so you’ve got some time to dive into all the tech trends this year has to offer.

Developer trends 2016:

  • Augmented reality (AR): Maybe AR won't take off right away, but it be long before developers get innovative with this new technology.
  • Security: Because of the multitude of devices getting connected to the internet, look for this to be a huge focus for software developers. Expect to see an equivalent of UL approved websites and products.
  • Client-side frameworks: While these client-side frameworks aren't new, recent updates will increase their usage this year. Watch for React.js and Angular 2.

What to hire for in 2016: Managers should look for devs that know what's up when it comes to security. Additionally, the adoption of HTTP/2 means finding developers who are willing to unlearn old, irrelevant habits and hacks. Check out more of what developers want to learn in 2016.

IT Ops trends 2016:

  • Network infrastructure: 2016 will bring more Internet of Things (IoT) devices to enterprises; therefore, a reliable infrastructure is more important than ever before. Companies will check capabilities against needs and consider cloud infrastructure.
  • General security: If there's any good to come of the big hacks in recent years, it's an increased focus on security. This is especially true as more companies shift to cloud infrastructures and more IoT devices are being added to networks.
  • Information security: Did we mention security? More specifically than overall security, information security is going to be a primary focus. InfoSec isn't advisable anymore, it's mandatory.

What to hire for in 2016: You get the gist--it's all about security. Look to add IT team members well-versed here. According to ISC2, the InfoSec field is expecting a gap of 1.5 million professionals by 2020. With an increased focus, we're hoping this gap starts to close. Discover more of what IT pros are looking to brush up on in 2016.

Creative trends 2016:

  • Virtual and augmented reality (AR): This is more than just games and a passing fad. Although the mainstream public may be slow to accept another new technology, content creation for VR and AR will be the key to its success.
  • Modular design: Look for modular design to emerge further due to the huge influx of IoT devices that span many screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Subscription-based software: As cloud infrastructures get more secure and popular, so too will subscription-based software. Expect to see more companies start offering subscriptions and maybe even a few ditching their perpetual options.

What to hire for in 2016: Across all creative industries, thought leadership will be a huge focus. Scout out designers with a knack for minimal and flat design. And in media and entertainment, look for those able to create VR and AR content. Nowadays, people won't be enchanted by technology itself, so bring on those innovators! Check out what creatives are learning this year.

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