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Level up your developers’ experience with engineering insights

February 08, 2022

Software delivery intelligence platforms are more essential than ever to combat the constantly increasing pace of demand for new products and features, and to counter the record amount of attrition driven by The Great Resignation. 

The main benefit of a tool that focuses on the developer experience is obvious: It helps leaders and executives make data-driven decisions and organizational improvements. The value to the organization as a whole extends far beyond upper management decision-making.

Pluralsight’s software delivery intelligence platform, Pluralsight Flow, has helped countless technologists around the globe become more efficient, collaborative and connected to other teams. These have always been important value adds for software developers, but in our new normal of remote and hybrid working environments, they’ve become essential.

Let’s take a look at how Flow drives value for every aspect of your org chart.


Trackable value  

Flow customers have shared several key improvements they’ve experienced thanks to increased visibility into their teams and processes:

  • Improved team collaboration

  • Increased delivery frequency and code quality

  • More objective resource allocation

  • Improved engineering team efficiency 

Flow’s designed to drive these exact results. A tool that enables developers to see how their work connects to the larger-scale goals of the company should always increase efficiency of both the individual and their teams. In-depth data surrounding pull requests, comments, coding hours, bottlenecks and deployments lead to more productive stand-ups, retros and increased active days. 

There are also a number of secondary benefits for your entire organization that might not be immediately obvious. Flow can greatly improve organizational culture, the mental health of your employees, interpersonal communication and relationships and even the leadership styles of your managers. 



There is a direct connection between developer satisfaction and developer productivity. When a technologist feels that they’re connected to the overall company goals, it helps them to feel more valued and more productive. A tool like Pluralsight Flow can help facilitate this by providing executive transparency for developers. They can see everyone’s work, understand what they’re all working towards and gain visibility into how their code is part of those goals. 

Flow also creates cross-team project opportunities by highlighting collaboration frequency, which increases employees' sense of value and belonging. By looking at review and comment stats, you can work to create cross-team project task forces. Statistically, you build stronger bonds with your fellow employees when you do tasks together. 

Engineering insights also enable leaders to identify touchpoint opportunities for their teams, so they can be more available and responsive. This is essential to build strong team bonds, especially in hybrid/remote work environments. These one-on-one touchpoints help build empathy between leaders and team members: 61% of people say they feel more innovative when they have an empathetic leader. 


Data for all

These insights are beneficial from a scheduling aspect as well. Flow data enables conversations around calendar shifts for more flexible schedules and improved work-life balance. These reports can show you when your team members are at their most productive and open up healthy conversations with them about necessary timing adjustments to suit their life and work styles. 

Creating visibility for team members to better understand decision-making at all levels is pivotal for the overall health of an organization. Executives need to see high-level reporting pertaining to product releases and project timelines. Directors and managers need to be able to understand how their teams work collectively and individually. They need to see where mentorship and project realignment opportunities exist, and they need to have data to create healthy status updates. 

Individual contributors need to be able to see not just the statistics on their own work, but also how it’s connected to the big picture. They need to be able to collaborate and communicate with members of their own team and cross-functional teams as well. 

Decisions need to be data-driven, but it needs to be the right data, and that data needs to be available to all. 

That’s where Pluralsight Flow comes in.