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The Power of Visibility: How It Boosts Team Performance and Business Success

Published on September 20, 2023 | Read time: ~ 3 minutes 

In our previous discussion within the Developer Thriving series, we explored the Developer Thriving framework, a solution to the challenges faced by engineering leaders: How can we increase productivity without compromising developer experience or blowing the budget on new tools? While this framework is an excellent starting point, our research has unveiled another essential factor in enhancing engineering success: visibility.

Recommendations for Increasing Visibility

Based on our research, we have several recommendations to enhance visibility in your organization:

  • Recognize and Advocate for Your Team

  • Transparent Team Progress

  • Educational Resources

  • Documentation and Recognition Structures

Visibility is a potent tool for improving developer experience, team performance, and business outcomes. By fostering transparency and recognition, organizations can create a thriving environment that benefits everyone.

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