Pluralsight Flow
for product leaders

Great product
vision requires
engineering visibility

To innovate, you use data. To make product decisions, you use data. So, shouldn't you also use data to build your products? With Pluralsight Flow, you can get insights into your development process so you can ship products faster.

Ship faster because you know more,
Not because you're rushing

Story points and burndown charts are only part of 
the equation.

In the absence of meaningful data, the narrative for your product vision is typically reduced to time, resources and story points. More often than not your project planning sessions are based on subjective feelings. It's difficult to continuously improve and deliver at scale when you're telling stories with arbitrary data.

The most systematic people on your team are building product features without data.

Data. Metrics. Reporting. The very things you need to make product and roadmap decisions are what the software engineers building your product need in their day-to-day work.

Self-reporting in meetings and daily standups is flawed.

Feature development often takes a back seat to conflicting engineering priorities. Building product and managing technical debt is a balancing act for any enterprise. A lack of visibility into the what, why and how of your product development, means more agile startups are continuously improving and going to market faster.


Build features that build your business

Debug your product development processes with objective data. Turn code into a shared language you can use to make more informed decisions and ship features faster.

Remove blind spots

Get clear, contextual insights and trends to help you better understand the efficiency of your releases.

Contextual insight

reduce engineering 
cycle time

See work more clearly and reduce engineering cycle time with powerful visualizations of all commits and pull requests.

Codebased impact

Eliminate guesswork and disruptions

Get a comprehensive view of your software engineering team's contributions and work patterns.

Work log
customer stories

See how engineering intelligence builds
better businesses

“As engineering teams get larger, it’s more complicated; more repos, more code, more people. Without a tool like Flow that pulls it all together, it’s almost impossible to get a handle on what’s going on.”

Adam Abrevaya, VP Engineering, CloudHealth







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