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Intro to Amazon S3: The AWS Hands-on Labs playlist

These AWS hands-on labs will give you a crash course introduction to Amazon S3 through a series of real-world guided exercises. Learn the basics of S3 fast!

Nov 15, 2023 • 5 Minute Read

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This post highlights hands-on labs that will help you get real-life experience building up Amazon S3 skills.

Hands-on labs guide you through real-world cloud situations. In this post, we’ll cover a mix of hands-on labs that will help you learn the skills you'll need to work with Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service).

Get your hands cloudy

Learn by doing. Whether you're new to tech or a seasoned pro, we put new skills within reach with hands-on learning.

Amazon S3 Introduction hands-on labs playlist

To get started with the hands-on labs below, you’ll need to have a Pluralsight Skills or ACG account. Don’t have an account? Don’t fret! Start a free trial and take the full hands-on ACG experience for a test drive for 7 days. 

Level: Practitioner  
Number of labs: 5 labs
Time to complete: 3 hours

S3 is kind of a big deal. Amazon S3 runs on the world’s largest global cloud infrastructure and is designed from the ground up to deliver 99.999999999% durability. Some have gone so far as to proclaim S3 the greatest cloud service of all time.

Ready to get hands-on in a crash-course introduction to S3? Let’s get started!

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Duration: 30 minutes


  • Create Public and Private Amazon S3 Buckets and Upload a File to Each
  • Enable Versioning on the Public Bucket
  • Validate Access to Different Versions of Files with the Same Name

Description: This hands-on lab will take you on a journey to start learning Amazon S3. During this lab, you'll be using the AWS Management Console.

Duration: 30 minutes


  • Create S3 Bucket
  • Enable Static Website Hosting
  • Apply Bucket Policy

Description: In this AWS hands-on lab, you'll create and configure a simple static website. We'll guide you through configuring the site with a custom error page. This will demonstrate how to create cost-efficient hosting for sites that consist of files like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, fonts, and images.

Duration: 30 minutes


  • Create an S3 Bucket and Upload an Object
  • Create a Lifecycle Policy

Description: Data often only needs to be accessed frequently for a short time. Once that time has passed, you may only hold onto the data just in case you need it again. This type of data can be archived, which is much more cost-effective than keeping it quickly accessible. AWS offers Glacier as a long-term archive storage service with lower costs. Data can be moved automatically between S3 storage classes using a lifecycle policy. In this hands-on lab, you'll create a lifecycle policy.

Watch: Automating AWS Cost Optimization
Using AWS cost-effectively can be a challenge. In this free, on-demand webinar, you'll get an overview of AWS cost-optimization tools and strategies, like data storage optimization.

Duration: 75 minutes


  • Update the IAM Policy
  • Attach the IAM and S3 Bucket Policies
  • Test and Verify the IAM and S3 Bucket Policies
  • Enable Block Public Access in the S3 Bucket
  • Configure CloudTrail and CloudWatch for SNS Event Notifications

Description: In this hands-on lab, you'll implement S3 bucket policies and IAM policies to learn about the various ways to secure S3 buckets and the data within them. You'll also see what services you can leverage to audit and remediate security issues.

Duration: 90 minutes


  • Investigate the Lab Environment
  • Provide Appropriate Team and User Access
  • Test Permissions

Description: In this hands-on lab, you'll configure permissions for a provided S3 bucket to provide appropriate access to a team of users and a public prefix within the S3 bucket.

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