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Boost cloud proficiency: 5 tech skills that all cloud engineers should know

Discover how non-cloud skills like security, data analytics, and networking can elevate your cloud expertise to new heights.

Jul 11, 2023 • 4 Minute Read

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From cybersecurity secrets and data-driven delights to software sorcery and system wizardry, your engineers need these five key non-cloud skills to take their cloud skills to the next level.

Top 5 skills for a well-rounded cloud engineer:

Why do cloud engineers need non-cloud skills?

Non-cloud skills are like secret ingredients for cloud engineers. They unlock hidden potential. Understanding cybersecurity principles puts cloud security at the forefront when cloud engineers are developing solutions. And since data analytics, storage, and management is one of the top skills gaps, having data skills means cloud engineers architect cloud solutions with an eye towards resiliency and scalability.

More general tech skills aren’t always directly related to the cloud. But the logical thinking and automation-by-default mindsets that DevOps teaches, the attention to detail that system administrators use, and the structured way software engineers approach a problem are. Building well-rounded cloud engineers is less about the specific tech skills those engineers learn and more about the soft skills they’ll soak in as they do.

What are the top tech skills cloud engineers should know?

Cloud engineers who want to improve their cloud skills should develop their cybersecurity, data, software development, system administration, and DevOps skills, too. These skills directly lead to more scalable, efficient, and secure cloud solutions and cultivate the soft skills all technologists need.


According to Pluralsight’s 2023 State of Cloud report, cloud security is the number one challenge and in-demand skill for leaders. When cloud engineers understand and regularly apply the basic principles of cybersecurity as they’re building cloud solutions, they mitigate the two most common causes of cloud data breaches: misconfigured access restrictions and improperly secured cloud systems.

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Data analytics, storage, and management

Technologists report that data analytics, storage, and management is their top skills gap. And it's no surprise why. Cloud engineers with data skills build better cloud solutions. With analytics experience, they uncover patterns to make data-driven decisions and optimize system performance that drives business growth. More importantly, armed with proficiencies in data storage and management, they architect cloud infrastructures that are more scalable, have better availability, and are more durable.

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Software engineering and development

Cloud engineers with software development backgrounds typically have a structured and systematic approach to developing cloud solutions. Their foundation in software development best practices means they create highly maintainable and easily adaptable cloud solutions that meet current business needs and long-term sustainability needs.

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DevOps and programming

When building solutions, cloud engineers typically have to code (at least a bit). But that’s not the only reason you should encourage your cloud engineers to develop DevOps and programming skills. DevOps teaches collaboration, automation, and logical progression that results in efficient and scalable cloud systems. And with robust knowledge of programming languages, your cloud engineers are better equipped to build custom applications, optimize performance, and integrate new systems with existing ones. Not to mention, those engineers who’ve worked on a DevOps team before are used to experimenting, testing, and pushing code quickly so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

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System administration

With their deep understanding of system administration, cloud engineers with SysAdmin skills possess the knowledge and experience to fine-tune the inner workings of your cloud infrastructure. Their expertise in managing servers, networks, and storage resources ensures optimal performance, scalability, and reliability. By proactively monitoring and optimizing the cloud environment, they can identify and resolve issues swiftly, minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime. With system-savvy cloud engineers on your team, your cloud systems will deliver exceptional performance and adapt seamlessly to evolving business needs.

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