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The student’s guide to getting started with cloud

As a student, how can you get started with the cloud? Here are the free courses and other content that can help you get started learning cloud computing.

Jan 05, 2024 • 4 Minute Read

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Cloud computing skills are some of the most in-demand skills in the market today, demanding high salaries and plentiful perks. But as a student with little or no tech knowledge, how can you get started with the cloud?

Here are the free cloud courses and other content that can help students pick up the basics of cloud computing.

You can learn cloud

First, there’s something you should know about cloud. You can learn cloud. Anyone can learn cloud. Even if you’re new to technology. Even if you’re spending your classroom time studying something that feels as far away from the cloud as possible. (Shout out to the poetry majors!)

By learning cloud now, you can make yourself more attractive to future employers. In fact, 87% of hiring managers value hands-on experience and certifications over a university degree when evaluating candidates, according to the ACG State of Cloud Learning Report.

School yourself on cloud fundamentals

Every journey starts with a first step, and for many (2 million or so) A Cloud Guru is often that first step. 

So where should you start?

You could consider things like lists of the top-paying certifications, but the short of it is most cloud jobs pay plenty. The first step is to get out there and understand the basics so you can then focus on the areas you want to specialize in. 

Cloud courses for students new to cloud

Here are a few ACG courses (some of which are totally free) to help you get started with cloud.

  • Cloud Computing Foundations
    Get the TL;DR basics of cloud computing over your lunch break. This intro to cloud decodes the jargon that can make cloud feel inaccessible to newcomers.
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP)
    The AWS Cloud Practitioner is a cloud certification. Why might you consider studying for a certification if you’re new to cloud? Because this certification exam is geared toward beginners looking to build familiarity with AWS and the cloud. The AWS CCP is one of our most popular courses, and it’s been recently revamped. No programming knowledge or cloud experience needed.
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals AZ-900
    Azure is the second biggest name in public cloud, but it can be a great first step in your cloud career. This go-to Microsoft Azure certification for beginners is one of the best intros to cloud out there, and there are no prerequisites for our easy-to-consume AZ-900 course.

Explore cloud certification paths

Need help figuring out cloud certifications? Check out these guides around the top three public cloud providers’ certification paths:

Keep up to speed on all things cloud

Cloud changes all the time. Keep up with cloud trends and stay up to speed on the latest in all things cloud for free with ACG’s original series, including:

Set yourself up for career success with the ultimate cloud learning at an unbeatable price

Whether you’re looking for the best AWS training for beginners or a library of hands-on learning to build DevOps skills, A Cloud Guru has you covered.

Want to audit ACG for a bit and see if it’s right for you? Check out our current list of free courses. Or start a free trial and hit the cloud running with full access to our massive library of hands-on cloud learning.