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tmux Cheat Sheet

tmux is a simple, powerful tool. But new users may find its interface confusing. Download A Cloud Guru's cheat sheet of commands and shortcuts for tmux!

Jun 08, 2023 • 3 Minute Read

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tmux is a powerful, simple tool to create, access, and control multiple terminals from a single screen. But new users may feel that tmux’s interface is a struggle to wrap their heads around. 

Fear not! ACG has you covered with a handy cheat sheet of commands and shortcuts for tmux.

What is tmux? What are the benefits of using tmux?

tmux is an open-source terminal multiplexer that allows users to run multiple virtual terminals inside a single window. It can be detached from a screen to run in the background and reattached later.

tmux provides users with a series of command line, interactive, and vi-like commands to navigate through their virtual terminals with ease. But new users may find tmux‘s interface confusing or hard to grasp. To help, check out this cheat sheet for tmux.

tmux cheat sheet

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Tmux cheat sheet

tmux sessions

_ new sessions
tmux new
tmux new-session
tmux new -s sessionname
_ attach sessions
tmux a
tmux att
tmux attach
tmux attach-session
tmux a -t sessionname
_ remove sessions
tmux kill-ses
tmux kill-session -t sessionname
_ key bindings
CTRL + B $rename session
CTRL + B Ddetach session
CTRL + B )next session
CTRL + B (previous session

tmux windows

_ windows are like tabs in a browser. Windows exist in sessions and occupy the space of a session screen.

_ key bindings
CTRL + B Ccreate window
CTRL + B Nmove to next window
CTRL + B Pmove to previous window
CTRL + B Lmove to window last used
CTRL + B 0 … 9select window by number
CTRL + B ‘select window by name
CTRL + B .change window number
CTRL + B ,rename window
CTRL + B Fsearch windows
CTRL + B &kill window
CTRL + B Wlist windows

tmux panes

_ panes are sections of windows that have been split into different screens — just like the panes of a real window!

_ key bindings
CTRL + B %vertical split
CTRL + B “horizontal split
CTRL + B →move to pane to the right
CTRL + B ←move to pane to the left
CTRL + B ↑move up to pane
CTRL + B ↓move down to pane
CTRL + B Ogo to next pane
CTRL + B ;go to last active pane
CTRL + B }move pane right
CTRL + B {move pane left
CTRL + B !convent pane to window
CTRL + B Xkill pane

tmux copy mode

_ key bindings
CTRL + B [enter copy mode
CTRL + B ]paste from buffer
_ copy mode commands
spacestart selection
entercopy selection
escclear selection
ggo to top
Ggo to bottom
hmove cursor left
jmove cursor down
kmove cursor up
lmove cursor right
#list paste buffers

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