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Introducing Pluralsight AI Sandboxes: Build AI experience safely

Uncover the power of Pluralsight's AI Sandboxes. Build real-world, hands-on AI skills and experience while mitigating common risks.

Mar 4, 2024 • 3 Minute Read

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While the potential for AI is limitless, AI expertise is not. While the majority of organizations want to adopt AI to improve business outcomes, only 12% of IT professionals have significant experience working with AI. Just like with any other technology, you need to invest in building their technical knowledge to take full advantage of the benefits that AI has to offer. 

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. It can be challenging to provide a safe, secure environment for learners to perfect their skills. Without a safety net, you run the risk of accidental cloud costs, breaking something in your production environment, or even worse—inadvertently sharing data with free-to-use AI systems, such as ChatGPT. Finding a safe way to learn AI can be frustrating for both organizations and learners alike.

To solve this issue, Pluralsight is proud to present Pluralsight AI Sandboxes, a way to build real-world, hands-on AI expertise while mitigating these risks.

What are Pluralsight AI Sandboxes?

Pluralsight AI Sandboxes provide three immersive, hands-on experiences to practice and explore AI tools, services, and solutions in a pre-built, secure environment. Safely experiment with pre-configured AI cloud services, generative AI notebooks, and a variety of large language models (LLMs) — all without putting critical business operations at risk. Take a look at our three innovative experiences that will turn your technologists into AI experts in no time.

1. Prompt sandbox

Master the tools and techniques of large language model (LLM) development with a centralized location to practice your skills right at your fingertips. 

  • Boost productivity by quickly drafting content, debugging code, and analyzing data 

  • Learn how to integrate LLMs into code to create an AI-powered application in minutes

  • Save time and improve data output by quickly comparing results, cost, and tokens across multiple LLMs from a single location

In practice, here are some ways you can use the prompt sandbox:

  • As a security engineer, I want a secure prompting tool for drafting content, emails, and interview questions without the fear of my data inputs training the model. 

  • As a developer, I want API access to a variety of LLMs so that I can experiment with sending and receiving API requests to different LLMs to grow my knowledge with implementing GenAI technologies into applications.

  • As a developer, I want to compare multiple LLMs to make it easier to know which LLM I should integrate for a new AI-powered application.

2. AI cloud sandboxes

Jump into a live sandbox session on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud and practice your skills using the cloud provider’s AI services. 

  • Save time, money, and resources from provisioning your own

  • Practice worry-free without fear of accidental charges from sandboxes left running 

  • Reduce risk to your production environment by building hands-on skills in a sandbox before attempting the real thing

Here are some potential examples of AI cloud sandboxes in the wild:

  • As a cloud architect, I want to practice and explore working with the latest AI services on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud without worrying about racking up cloud costs. 

  • As a developer, I want to practice building innovative AI-powered applications in a sandboxed environment to sharpen my hands-on skills and reduce the risk of errors before attempting the real thing in my production environment. 

3. SageMaker Studio notebook

Spin up a SageMaker Studio notebook with a click of a button to experiment with all machine learning (ML) development steps—from preparing data to building, training, and deploying your ML models. SageMaker Studio is an essential tool for data scientists and anyone working with code and data. 

  • Simplify the process of learning and coding in multiple programming languages

  • Save time with instant access to a SageMaker Studio notebook—no installation required

  • Build real-world experience working with various data science tasks, such as data organization and data cleaning

You can leverage SageMaker Studio notebook for use cases like these:

  • As a developer, I want to make it easier to code in multiple programming languages so I can build new products faster. 

  • As a data scientist, I want to experiment with all ML development steps, such as preparing and processing data and building, training, and deploying models, without having to perform additional installation steps.

To sum it up

Our goal is to provide an all-in-one AI solution that enables technologists to build real-world expertise with expert-led GenAI courses, immersive hands-on experiences, and powerful skill tracking. 

Are you ready to check out our three unique sandboxes for your organization? Just request a demo and we’ll be happy to set you up with a business trial to test-drive our enterprise-grade platform.

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