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What's new on the ACG Discord?

What's happening on the ACG Discord? See upcoming events and chat with Training Architects and the community about cloud certifications, careers, and more!

May 16, 2023 • 4 Minute Read

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Humans learn by doing … and we learn even faster and better when we can do it together. That’s why study groups, office hours, and plain old “can-anybody-help-me” pleas are such powerful and enduring ways to conquer new concepts.

And with more than 2.5 million people learning to cloud on A Cloud Guru, there’s a whole lot of togetherness power out there waiting to be unleashed!

That’s where the official ACG Discord server comes in. It’s a real-time home for you to ask questions, study with friends, win swag, and find support along your cloud journey.

Upcoming ACG events on Discord

Below you'll find the schedule of upcoming Office Hours and Discord Discourses on the ACG Discord. Keep on scrolling for more info on the various events.

  • AWS Office Hour with Training Architect Craig Arcuri
    June 25 @ 2 PM CT
  • ACG Discord Discourse with David Sol (Discord Community Member)
    Using Python and Boto3 to Automate AWS Operations
    July 2 @ 4 PM CT
  • Azure Office Hour with Training Architect Clint Bonnett 
    July 9 @ 2 PM CT
  • AWS Office Hour with Training Architect Errol Hooper  
    July 23 @ 2 PM CT
  • AWS Office Hour with Training Architect Faye Ellis 
    July 30 @ 11 AM CT
  • Azure Office Hour with Training Architect Daniel Stinchcomb  
    August 13 @ 3 PM CT

Join us at the ACG Community Summit

Speaking of the ACG community, make sure you join us for our first-ever ACG Community Summit. The online event will feature six cloud learning tracks packed with deep dives, hands-on challenges, and live learning. The ACG Community Summit takes place from June 28–30 from 12 p.m.–4 p.m. EDT on the ACG Twitch channel. (But you can view all the cloudy goodness right here.)

What are Office Hours?

Join us for Discord Office Hours where you can connect live with our Training Architects and ask questions, network, or work together to solve problems! It’s just like office hours in school — but you’re less likely to be lectured by your professor for skipping biology class to play Xbox. Feel free to stop by for a few minutes and say hello, or stay the entire time! 

Keep an eye on the #office-hours channel in Discord for more updates!

What is the ACG Discord Discourse?

The Discord Discourse is an hour-long meetup every other week where we spend a few minutes talking tech, hanging out, socializing, and networking. Each meetup, we'll have a different guest presenter *from the community* give a 10-15 minute talk about a topic that interests them! We love to hear you talk about what you're passionate about! 

It’s the perfect time to connect with other community members and wind down from the week with some fun tech talk! Find us in the #acg-discord-discourse channel in Discord!

What will you find on the ACG Discord?

  • Your favorite ACG and Linux Academy course instructors – @ them with questions, or attend virtual office hours!
  • Study groups and dedicated discussion areas for popular certification courses and technical topics
  • Career help and cert prep advice from professionals who’ve been there, passed that
  • Heads-up on new ACG courses and free content
  • Exciting events and giveaways to be revealed in the upcoming weeks
  • A friendly, inclusive, and supportive side-channel for your professional development. We bet we’ll get even more excited about your new cert or your first big job offer than you do! (OK, maybe not quite. But we’ll still make a big deal out of you.)

How do I join the ACG Discord?

Click the invite link, set up a free Discord account, and explore! There’s no purchase necessary. You don’t even need to be an ACG subscriber! (Though we’ve got special goodies in store for you if you are.)

What does this mean for the Linux Academy Slack community?

As part of the migration effort of individual learners from Linux Academy to A Cloud Guru, we wanted to make sure we preserved (and improved) a real-time chat platform for our combined community.

We’re proud and honored that the Linux Academy Slack community has supported tens of thousands of folks on their tech learning journey over the years. While Slack was a great choice for our community platform when we launched it several years ago, technology evolves and we wanted to make sure we are giving you the best interactive experience possible. And as we migrate our LA community to ACG, we needed a place where our combined community can learn and grow together.

Now, the LA / ACG course instructors will be hanging out in Discord – the new-and-improved place to go for community questions and discussions going forward. Each of you is a big part of our amazing community, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our new home on Discord. See you there!