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New features on A Cloud Guru

New features on A Cloud Guru include tools to help learners more easily meet career goals and businesses customize and manage cloud learning at scale.

May 16, 2023 • 3 Minute Read

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New features, ahoy! At ACG, we never rest on our laurels. For one, we can’t imagine how anyone could relax on a shrub (no matter how lovely it is). But even more than that, we think teaching the world to cloud requires always striving to improve the experience for learners and businesses alike.

To that end, we’re happy to announce some new updates coming to the ACG platform across all our plans. New and upcoming features include:

  • Learning Scheduler
  • New Learning Paths
  • Mobile Practice Exams
  • Azure Active Directory Labs
  • Hands-On Labs Subtitles
  • Azure Skills Assessments
  • Custom Learning Paths

For learners, these features are all about making it easier than ever to meet your career goals. For businesses, we’re introducing new capabilities to help you customize and manage cloud learning at scale. Read on for all the details!

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What’s new for learners?

Our learners tell us the biggest barrier to new skill development is a lack of time. We get it.

Whatever you're juggling (working, parenting, Peloton-ing, literally juggling as a pandemic hobby) it can be tough to keep up with new cloud technologies. That’s why we’re introducing many new platform features to help you meet your career goals. 

It’s easier to meet your career goals with new features at ACG! Level up in hottest cloud specialists with more Learning Paths, fit lessons in your busy schedule with the new Learning Scheduler, get hands-on with Azure AD, take Practice Exams on the go, and much more! 

  • Learning Paths — Advance your skills in the hottest technology areas and specialties with 20+ new Learning Paths, including AWS Architect, Azure Security, Cloud Adjacent Containers, and beyond.
  • Azure Active Directory Labs — Gain hands-on experience configuring and managing Azure AD in a guided and safe environment, at zero extra cost or risk.
  • Learning Scheduler — Create a consistent learning schedule that fits around your busy life with ACG’s Learning Scheduler.
  • Mobile Practice Exams — Prepare to get certified with practice exams that mimic the real thing. Now, take Practice Exams on the go using ACG Mobile App.
  • Subtitles for Hands-on Labs — All new ACG Hands-on Labs include subtitles for greater accessibility.
  • Challenge Mode for Hands-On Labs — (Coming soon!) Think you're a guru? Put your skills to the test with unguided labs that score your work.

What’s new for businesses?

We know there isn’t one right, easy way to get to cloud maturity. You’ve got to navigate different cloud technologies, explore different processes and new ways of doing things. And be realistic about what you can do with the time and skills your teams have. That’s why the ability to tailor your cloud learning to meet your organization’s specific needs is so important. 

ACG has everything you need to manage custom cloud learning at scale. Unlock the ability to customize multi-cloud learning, upskill teams based on identified skill gaps, and do it all seamlessly across departments or teams with new ACG Business features.

  • Azure Skills Assessment — Assess cloud readiness and know exactly where to start upskilling teams with ACG Skills Assessment. Now, assess teams in AWS and Azure.
  • Custom Learning Paths — (Coming soon!) Tailored cloud learning for your organization at scale. ACG’s Custom Learning Paths provide seamless delivery of multi-cloud learning that's as unique as your organization. 

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