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What’s free at ACG: March 2021

This month's free cloud courses cover AZ-104 Azure Administrator certification prep, DevOps, AKS Basics, Migrating Servers to Azure, Kubernetes, and more.

Jun 02, 2023 • 6 Minute Read

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Editor's Note: March 2021 was quite a month for free courses... but that was then. To stay up-to-date with the latest free courses from ACG, head over to this post, and bookmark it!

What courses are free at A Cloud Guru this month? We kick off March with a handsome hands-on cloud-learning line-up — 24 slices of skill-boosting goodness basically guaranteed to grow your cloud know-how.

The month's mix includes a trio of new Microsft Azure courses, a stacked selection of DevOps courses, free Amazon Web Services (AWS) courses, and a grabbag of containers content.

Here are a few new and noteworthy courses special for the month of March:

  • Azure Migrate: Migrating Servers to Microsoft Azure
    This two-hour lesson covers how to use Azure Migrate to move on-premises workloads (or workloads on other clouds) over to Azure with ease.
  • AKS Basics
    Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is used to host your containerized applications running in Kubernetes (K8s). Designed for those with Azure experience, familiarity with containers, and little-to-no Kubernetes know-how, this course will give you a solid foundation in how K8s is run on Azure.

All you need to get started with all 24 of these courses is a free tier ACG account, which you can sign up for here. Here's what else is free this month.

Free AWS courses

  • Amazon DynamoDB Deep Dive
    Learn how to build scalable, high-performance applications using DynamoDB in this course for all skill levels.

Free Azure courses

  • Azure Concepts
    Get up to speed on the basics of Azure and cloud services in this Azure concepts crash course.

NoSQL for Grownups: DynamoDB Single-Table Modeling

DynamoDB can be a scalable, cost-effective replacement for a traditional relational database — if used correctly! In this free webinar, Rick Houlihan, inventor of single-table DynamoDB design, shares tips for modeling complex data access patterns.

Free GCP courses

Free containers courses

  • GKE Basics
    Learn about Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).
  • EKS Basics
    Unlock the power of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service.
  • AKS Basics
    Explore fundamental Kubernetes concepts and see how Kubernetes is run on Azure.

Free DevOps courses

5 Reasons to Not Move to DevOps
  • Big Data Fundamentals
    Learn about Big Data, cluster computing, distributed storage, and cluster management.

Free cloud courses for beginners

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
    Our explain-it-like-I’m-five intro to cloud computing breaks down the basics and translates the jargon into layman’s terms.

Free Linux courses

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