Pluralsight 2013-2014: A look back and what you can expect this year

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At Pluralsight, we don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions. We work hard to deliver the most-comprehensive, hands-on tech training library out there, but we know there’s more we can do. That’s why we push ourselves to exceed your expectations every day, instead of reflecting on how to improve once a year. We have one main goal at Pluralsight: to democratize online tech training for people around the world. How do we know if we’re succeeding at this? Sure, we can track how many times a course is viewed or how many subscription renewals we get, but the true measure of our success is what our customers say and the lives we change.  And in 2013, we heard time and time again that our training impacts you in truly meaningful ways. It helps them switch careers, lead successful projects, pass certification exams and regain a passion for programming. We are committed to our purpose - to changing even more lives in 2014! 2013 was a game-changing year for us—and for you. Before we look ahead to 2014, let’s recap last year’s highlights:
  • In January, we took $27.5M in Series A funding with the promise of doubling our course library to bring you more value than ever before. We tripled it!
  • We launched the first of our free kids coding courses in May.
  • One of our top authors, Scott Allen, made more than $1M in course royalties, our highest payout for a single year yet.
  • Realizing that it’s increasingly important for tech pros to have a diverse skillset, we acquired PeepCode, TrainSignal and Tekpub to add open source and IT admin training to our catalog.
  • We released a record 401 courses during the year - through our own author network (not counting the acquisitions) - bringing our library total to 1,271 courses authored by 300 of the industry’s top experts. That’s nearly 4,500 hours of training and 70,000 clips!
  • As part of improving our customer service, we started answering support phone calls in November.
  • We did all of this without changing our pricing.
We’re proud of what we accomplished, and we won’t be slowing down anytime soon. So, what can you expect from us in the new year?
  • In order to bring you the best training, we’re constantly looking for the best authors to create it. The people who know subjects so well, you can feel confident you’re learning exactly what you need to excel on the job and beyond. We’re aiming to double our author network, so if you know anyone who might be a good fit (yourself included!), please visit this page.
  • Over the last few months, we’ve been consistently releasing at least two new courses per day, and we want to up this pace in the new year. If you have a training need, we want to have a course for it. Reminder: You can always request new course topics here.
  • Our redesigned, mobile-friendly website will launch, providing a much improved user experience. We know that our current design is inadequate for navigating our vast library, and we’re implementing a tag system that will allow you to easily filter courses by the topics that interest you most. Below, you’ll find a sneak peek of the new site.
As always, please don’t hesitate to email us, call us or reach out to us on social with your feedback, questions and concerns. We’re grateful for your support and look forward to charging head-first into 2014 with you!

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Aaron Skonnard

Aaron Skonnard is the CEO of Pluralsight (NASDAQ: PS), a fast-growing enterprise technology learning platform. Aaron cofounded Pluralsight in 2004 and has since grown the company to more than 1,000 employees and 1,500 expert authors. As CEO, Aaron focuses on business strategy, future direction, product development and strategic partnerships. On a day-to-day basis, he works closely with the entire executive team in different capacities, including recruiting, brand management, marketing, sales, feature planning and content acquisition.