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Leveraging an upskilling solution: What’s the state of upskilling at your organization?

April 12, 2023

The newly published 2023 State of Upskilling report is out and features insights from over 1,200 technologists, tech leaders, and HR/L&D directors across industries around the world.

Between 2022 and 2023, we’ve shifted from The Great Resignation to great economic uncertainty. But one thing is certain: Upskilling remains critical to your organization’s bottom line. And an upskilling solution can help you get there.

What leaders are saying about upskilling in this economy

Rising inflation. Talent scarcity. Skills gaps—no, skills chasms—across your org. As a leader, you’re grappling with all these pressures (and more) in today’s economy. How does upskilling factor into the equation?

Here’s what leaders revealed in the 2023 State of Upskilling:

  • Tech team execs are feeling the pressure: 65% have been asked to look for cost efficiencies.

  • And they still see upskilling as the answer: 72% of tech team executives plan to increase tech skill investments in 2023 despite current economic headwinds.

  • Because skills gaps still hold them back: Cloud, cybersecurity, and data science top the list of skills tech team executives want their teams to learn.

The not-so-hidden ROI of upskilling today

Right now, 97% of HR and L&D directors say they prioritize internal talent over hiring for open positions. In a world where you’ve been asked to find cost efficiencies, you may have realized it’s far too expensive to hire, or acquire, your way out of skills gaps. You need to transform the talent you already have. 

Upskilling offsets labor costs by making your organization a talent creator, not a talent consumer. What’s more, the 2023 report clearly reveals that upskilling remains crucial to employee retention. 74% of technologists said they plan to leave their org within one year. Their top reason for leaving? They want opportunities to grow their skill sets and responsibilities.

Simply put, if you aren’t upskilling your employees, someone else will. How much is transforming—and retaining—talent worth to your bottom line?

Start upskilling with Pluralsight. Stop worrying about time and budget.

With so much pressure on an upskilling solution to bring in ROI and close employee skill gaps quickly, those “good enough” learning solutions that check a box for L&D efforts aren’t going to cut it.

You need: 

  • Assessments that benchmark skills so teams know what they need to learn 

  • The ability to align learning paths with projects and key initiatives 

  • Analytics that report progress and deliver actionable insights

  • Hands-on learning experiences to make new skills stick

  • A tech skill investment that maximizes ROI

You need Pluralsight’s upskilling solution.

Pluralsight improves the state of upskilling at your organization with purpose-built content aligned to your outcomes, insights that provide leaders the ROI-revealing analytics they need, and immersive learning experiences like labs, sandboxes, and projects.

Want proof? No problem.

Upskilling and reskilling employees is one of our core solutions. Dive into what we offer and you’ll discover:

  • Role IQ and Skill IQ assessments that measure skill levels so your teams can prove what they know (and learn what they don’t)

  • Learning paths that take content from our extensive library of 7,000+ courses and guide your technologists toward certifications

  • Thousands of hands-on learning options for quickly developing tech skills at all levels

  • Academies that blend virtual and on-demand instructor training tailored to your organization’s needs

We can show you how our solutions meet your unique tech skill development needs. Talk with our team

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Make this the year you transform your talent with Pluralsight’s upskilling solution

The 2023 State of Upskilling report makes one thing clear: Economic headwinds, internal pressure to do more with the talent you have, and technologists who leave orgs that don’t develop their skills make investing in the right kind of upskilling table stakes today. 

It requires a shift in thinking of tech skill development as a “nice to have” to a vital tool for achieving business outcomes, reducing costs, and maximizing tech ROI in today’s skills-strapped market.

That leaves just one important question:

What’s the state of upskilling at your company?

See how Pluralsight's upskilling solution can help you build and retain in-house tech talent.