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Your team’s biggest challenge isn’t coding

Senior leadership and product managers struggle to understand the business value of your engineering team. The conversation is always the same: ship more, ship faster. With Pluralsight Flow, you can advocate for the work your engineers are doing and help remove roadblocks so they can focus on what they really love to do: solve problems.

How can you advocate for your team
when you lack data about your team?

Time, story points and burndown charts are only part of the equation.

Without quantifiable metrics and trends, your teams’ work gets reduced to time, resources and story points. Subjective feelings and anecdotes creep into your project planning. It's difficult to continuously improve and deliver at scale when you're telling stories with arbitrary data.

Counting lines of code is ineffective and incentivizes the wrong behavior.

In the absence of meaningful data, large organizations mistakenly count lines of code as a measure of a software engineers' contributions. Yet your strongest team members are actually committing high performing code in fewer lines.

When your job is to objectively measure development effort, your tools cannot be subjective opinions and anecdotes

”All software companies reach a certain scale where it becomes increasingly difficult to write code and release new product. I can't imagine a company like ours operating without Flow.”

Hello fresh

Paulo André, Director of Engineering

Daily standups are flawed, distracting 
and lack context.

Are short, informal meetings really the best way to communicate? Keeping a pulse on everyone's work does not have to be a disruption. Your communication should be as thoughtful as the code you write. So much context is missing without visibility into your team's work patterns and impact to the codebase.

The most systematic and technical team has the least data to work with.

What gets measured gets managed. The same insights you require to make engineering decisions are also what your software engineers crave and need in their day-to-day work.


Engineer effectiveness

Get the complete picture of your team. With a data-driven story of how everyone is doing, you can engineer success.

See the work 
more clearly

Get a comprehensive view of your team's code contributions, pull requests, tickets and overall work patterns.

Work log

continuously improve and deliver

Remove blind spots. Get insights and trends to
help you better understand the efficiency of your software releases.

Codebased impact

Set goals and targets vs. benchmarks

Code fundamentals help you focus on the core fundamental metrics for large enterprise engineering teams.

customer stories

See how engineering intelligence builds
better businesses

“Our engineers finally have the dashboard they need to view their daily, weekly, and yearly work in a meaningful way, and communicate in a way the rest of the business understands.”

Gabriel Kent, CTO and Co-founder, Adext





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