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Flow is your engineering transformation partner so you can cut cycle times, build thriving teams, and deliver confidently.

Pluralsight Flow report that shows key metrics like commits per day, time to first comment, and lead time for changes.

Trusted by organizations around the globe to build thriving, data-driven engineering teams.

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Engineering insights for your entire team

Why Pluralsight Flow?

Pluralsight Flow is not just a software engineering intelligence platform, we’re your engineering transformation partner. Learn more about the Flow platform, our proven approach, the research that guides our methodology, and our team of engineering transformation practitioners.

Flow Platform

Flow connects with the tools your teams use everyday—like Github, Jira, ADO, and others—to provide you with a birds-eye view of what’s happening across your engineering team. What are teams working on? Where are they facing roadblocks? These insights and more are now available at your fingertips. 

Increase product delivery speed
Build a thriving team

Proven Approach

We’ve honed our approach to adopting a data-driven engineering transformation by working with startups and Fortune 500 companies over the last 9 years. We call it transformation-as-a-capability and we’re here to help you accelerate success and avoid the pitfalls.

Empirical Research

These aren’t your typical benchmark surveys. Our team of social scientists and clinical psychologists dive deep into the art and science of engineering teams to learn how developers work, learn, and thrive so you can build an enduring culture.

Build a thriving team
Build a thriving team

Professional Services

Jump out of the gate with our deployment team, align your objectives with our customer success team, and get expert advice on how to embed data within your work from our team of engineering practitioners.

Returns worth your investment

By prioritizing workforce development, your technologists will grow in their careers and your business will achieve better outcomes.


35% reduction in cycle time



14 hour reduction in PR time to merge



Ramp time accelerated by 4 months

Case study

Lightspeed partnered with Pluralsight Flow to transform their engineering team

“I've been able to show the leadership team exactly how the development team is doing and that has allowed them to have implicit trust in me as a leader to make decisions that affect the team and the company.”

Jaime Caldwell

Senior Software Engineering Manager

Lightspeed DMS
43% in gradient green

reduction in cycle time

58% in gradient green

more commits per day


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Billed annually, per contributor

Gain new visibility into your team's software development process.


Our solutions

Face the future with confidence

Transform your technology workforce. One developer. One delivery. One success at a time. Here’s how we enable you to conquer the challenges you’re facing:

Software delivery

Empower software delivery teams to ship reliable, scalable, secure code on time by ensuring teams work together effectively and have the right data-driven insights and skills.

Engineering onboarding

Get new engineering hires to full productivity—and contributing to your business results—faster and without bogging down the team.

Distributed and remote teams

Mitigate burnout and reduce cycle times with the visibility and tools to develop skills and fix workflow gaps for distributed teams.

Agile transformation

Get real insight into how your Agile journey is progressing and how you can empower your teams to continuously improve.

Ready to transform your engineering team?