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Cloud journeys: Build or boost your cloud career with expert advice

AWS experts, including AWS VP and Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr, share their insights for learning cloud skills and creating a career in the cloud industry.

May 10, 2024 • 3 Minute Read

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Whether you’re dipping your toes into cloud or you’ve already dived in, there’s always an opportunity to advance your career and build your skills.

We interviewed cloud leaders, including Jeff Barr, AWS Vice President and Chief Evangelist; Nana Janashia, Founder of TechWorld with Nana; and more, to get their career and upskilling advice.

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, you’re sure to find actionable advice you can use to level up your career.

Want even more cloud career insights? Get the Cloud Career Journeys book for a deep dive into 16 stories from cloud professionals.

Table of contents

The Pathfinders: Built a cloud career without a technical background

Pathfinders are cloud practitioners who broke into the industry without any previous technical experience. They’re proof you can become a cloud professional even if you lack a traditional tech background.

Learn more about Pathfinders and get insights from Daniel Gaina, Senior Cloud Engineer and AWS Community Builder; Ifeanyichukwu (Ifeanyi) Otuonye, Cloud Engineer and AWS Community Builder; and Eric Johnson, Principal Developer Advocate at AWS.

The Undefeated: Entered the cloud computing industry against all odds

The Undefeated are cloud practitioners who overcame obstacles to forge a cloud path. With relentless drive and persistent cloud training, they’ve set—and achieved—their cloud goals.

Hear more from Undefeated cloud practitioners like Jamila Jamilova, Solutions Architect at AWS.

The Progressives: Transferred existing IT skills to cloud computing

The Progressives are IT professionals who used their existing technical skills and knowledge to build a cloud computing career. They showcase the importance of fundamental skills for succeeding in the cloud industry and help others build a strong foundation.

Explore insights from the Progressives. Hear from Kesha Williams, Cloud and AI expert and AWS Machine Learning Hero; Sammy Cheung, AWS Ambassador and AWS Champion Authorized Instructor; and Lucy Wang, Founder of Tech with Lucy.

The Liberators: Cloud career guides for new professionals

The Liberators are cloud professionals who act as career guides and mentors for newcomers. Using their own cloud experience and skills, they teach others, build cloud community, and empower everyone to enter the cloud industry.

Learn from Liberators and Neal Davis, founder of Digital Cloud Training.

The Accelerators: Drive cloud career development and cloud skills

The Accelerators enable career progression by helping others strengthen key cloud and technical skills. They share advice on using cloud technology and accelerate cloud training efforts.

Get more insights from Accelerators and hear from Nana Janashia, Founder of TechWorld with Nana.

The Pinnacles: Cloud leaders inspiring career development and innovation

Pinnacles are cloud leaders who inspire and equip others with the skills and knowledge they need to advance their technology careers. These experts also drive innovation in the industry and advocate for cloud transformation.

Jeff Barr, AWS Vice President and Chief Evangelist, is one such Pinnacle who stands at the top of cloud success—and extends a hand to help others up. 

Learn more about Pinnacles and hear all of Jeff’s insights.

Get hands-on practice with cloud skills

When you’re ready to put these expert insights into action, build your cloud skills with hands-on labs.

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