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Enterprise cloud strategy tips for cloud transformation success

A successful enterprise cloud computing strategy requires executive support for cloud migration, a strong cloud adoption framework, and upskilling.

Jan 23, 2024 • 3 Minute Read

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Pluralsight’s 2023 State of Cloud report found that the majority of organizations are migrating to the cloud. However, 70% of leaders lack a clearly defined cloud strategy, which can stall their cloud transformation and prevent them from driving value with their investments.

Drew Firment, Chief Cloud Strategist at Pluralsight, sat down with Jeremy Blythe, VP of Engineering at Evertz, to uncover the cloud strategy tips they use for organizational success.

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Table of contents

3 layers of successful cloud transformation

Drew and Jeremy discussed organizational success in the cloud across three layers: executive, program, and individual.

Executive: Align cloud strategy with business goals when migrating to the cloud

The first step to successful cloud migration is aligning your cloud strategy with overarching business goals. Without this, it’s nearly impossible to gain executive buy-in and achieve organization-wide cloud transformation.

Jeremy cited his experience with digital transformation at Evertz. Before they began their cloud migration, they needed to know they were safe to experiment and make mistakes. “[Cloud transformation] involves a lot of R&D and a lot of experimentation and support from the executive level so that we can try things and we can fail. We wouldn’t be where we are today without that level of executive support,” explained Jeremy.

As the team moved from custom hardware solutions to cloud software solutions, leaders gave them the support they needed. This allowed the organization to work with high-quality, real-time video and stay at the forefront of innovation. Their pioneering efforts in cloud technology even earned them an Emmy and showcased the potential of the cloud for large enterprises.

Program: Create a cloud adoption framework with policies and success metrics

The executive layer involves creating a cloud strategy that addresses what you want to do and why. The program layer focuses on how you’ll achieve your goals with cloud computing in practice. 

Successful cloud adoption requires best practices, governance frameworks, optimization processes, reporting mechanisms, and comprehensive learning programs. Organizations need these elements to measure their progress, report back to leadership, and sustain executive buy-in when they move to cloud computing. 

The heart of the program layer is the people. Since Evertz began their cloud adoption journey in 2015, their experience with cloud services like serverless computing and microservice architecture has allowed them to continue to grow. This has created more demand for cloud skills within the organization.

To address this need, Evertz creates cross-functional teams to learn and work together. “We’re creating cross-functional teams where we mix in core folks and people from learning groups working together with the same combined mission,” said Jeremy. “The ultimate goal is that the ownership goes back to the team that’s learning so you can go around again, and they can train the next team.”

Individual: Provide cloud resources and a skills program that empowers learners

Ultimately, the success of any cloud strategy lies in the individuals who use the technology. At the individual layer, teams need access to the right learning resources to drive personal career growth and organizational success.

Consider curated learning journeys personalized to individual goals and hands-on labs, modern tech leadership programs, boot camps, and sandbox environments to foster experiential learning. 

Evertz works to address skills gaps through its Hello World project, which teaches someone how to build a serverless microservice that fits the company’s event-driven architecture. Leveraging platforms like Pluralsight Skills, they provide training that accelerates the onboarding process and reduces pressure on senior engineers.

Cloud training for organizational success

Success in the cloud isn’t just about adopting the latest technology. It’s about aligning cloud strategies with company-wide goals, building executive buy-in, and providing opportunities to learn and grow. As the cloud continues to drive digital transformation and innovation, industry leaders who embrace these strategies will push their organizations ahead. 

As you chart the course to cloud success, learn the big picture of cloud migration, then dive into building an enterprise cloud strategy.

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