Pluralsight AI sandboxes: Build hands-on AI expertise

Give your teams the skills—and practice—to keep up with AI. Pluralsight AI sandboxes are your ticket to building hands-on expertise in tomorrow's AI tech with less cost and less risk.

Prompt sandboxes

Master the tools and techniques of large language model (LLM) development with a centralized hub to practice your skills.

  • Quickly draft content, debug code, and analyze data
  • Use LLMs to create AI-powered apps in minutes
  • Compare results, cost, and tokens across multiple LLMs from a single location
prompt sandboxes
ai cloud sandboxes

AI cloud sandboxes

Jump into a live sandbox session on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud and practice your skills. We’ll take care of the cost.

  • Save time, money, and resources from provisioning your own sandboxes
  • Practice without accidental charges from sandboxes left running 
  • Reduce risk to your production environment

SageMaker Studio notebook

Spin up a SageMaker Studio notebook and dive into machine learning development, from preparing data to training and deploying your models. 

  • Simplify learning and coding in multiple programming languages
  • Save time with instant access to a SageMaker Studio notebook
  • Build experience with real-world data science tasks
SageMaker Studio notebook

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