VMware vSphere 6 Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV)

By Don Jones on July 20, 2015

VMware's 2015 release of vSphere 6, along with its companion technologies and products, brought a reorganization of VMware's certification programs. Now, a common set of Foundations objectives begin each of the four major certification tracks, and Pluralsight provides a separate series of courses by David Davis to teach you those Foundations. With the Foundations under your belt, you're ready to tackle this 11-course series on Data Center Virtualization, which will help you prepare for VMware's VCP6-DCV certification.

Courses in this series include:

Your instructor for this mega-series is Pluralsight's own Greg Shields. Greg is a multi-year recipient of VMware's vExpert award, and is one of the more well-known instructors in the virtualization space. He's taught thousands of IT professionals how to manage VMware technologies, and is a popular speaker at industry events and conferences.

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Don Jones

Don Jones' broad IT experience comes from 20 years in the business, with a strong focus on Microsoft server technologies. He's the author of more than 45 technology books, including titles on administration and software development, and writes monthly columns for the industry's leading periodicals. He's an in-demand speaker at technical conferences and symposia worldwide, and is widely recognized as one of the top trainers in the Microsoft sector.