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Valentine's Day is around the corner and we have a gift for you. We've also scoured the depths of Tinder to find a few hilarious profiles. Are you going to swipe right or left? We've also put together a list of tech-centric pick up lines for you to test out. Last, we're spreading the love by sharing our latest courses for you to check out. Here's what's new in our library this week. Up and Running with SVG by Ryan Irelan HTML5 Offline Apps With Angular, IndexedDB and Bootstrap by Craig Shoemaker Puppet Fundamentals for System Administrators by Ben Piper Windows Server 2012 R2 (70-413) Physical AD Infrastructure by Tim Warner Microsoft Sway First Look by Heather Ackmann Windows Server 2012 R2 (70-410) Install and Configure Servers by Greg Shields Two Tier Enterprise App and API Development with Angular & Sails by Alexander Zanfir Resumes, Research, and Writing on the Job Hunt by Alan Ackmann Making the Case for Unit Testing Database Code by Dave Green Windows Server 2012 R2 (70-413) Logical AD Infrastructure by Tim Warner LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies by Jason Alba Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques by Milena Pajic Happy Valentine's Day from Team Pluralsight! Here are some tunes we love to get the weekend started right!

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Sonal Amin

is the Digital Content and Community Manager at Pluralsight. She has worked in social media and digital marketing since 2007, and currently manages both social media and blog strategy for Pluralsight. Follow her on Twitter @SonalMehta.