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Making the Case for Unit Testing Database Code

by Dave Green

This course discusses the reasons why you would want to unit test databases, how to go about justifying this to the business, and how to start unit testing your databases.

What you'll learn

This course is aimed at technical leads, development or project managers who are looking after database development projects. It discusses both why database unit testing is a best practice, and how to get the business buy-in necessary to adopt it. This is a less technical course, which helps show why gaining business buy-in to new processes such as database unit testing is important, and can be a key enabler for adoption of best practices.

About the author

Dave is a data management specialist with more years' experience within the IT industry than he likes to admit. He has previously worked as a technical consultant, systems integrator and a SQL Developer. He regularly attends SQL Server community events to share knowledge, gain tips and solve problems. Dave is a keen sailor and when not working can be found sailing, walking or drinking coffee by the sea. Dave lives on the south coast of England, with his wife and son.

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