TrainSignal VMware Training Named Reader's Choice Preferred Product in Virtualization Review

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What a way to kick off the new year! Virtualization Review magazine has named TrainSignal's VMware Video Training Library a "Preferred Product" in virtualization training as part of its 2013 Reader's Choice Awards and Ultimate Buyer's Guide, billed as a "guide to the best companies and products in the virtualization market." Noting that "the demand for virtualization training is only going up as virtualization becomes more sophisticated and integrated with cloud and other core datacenter technologies," the publication named Global Knowledge Training LLC Cloud Computer Courses as the winner, followed by TrainSignal, NetCom and Intense School.

TrainSignal instructor and virtualization expert David Davis, who also wrote "5 Tips for Mastering Virtualization Backup" for the issue, was excited to share the news with TrainSignal fans:

For more information, see TrainSignal's VMware and other virtualization training.

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