Front End Web Development

By Geoffrey Grosenbach on April 10, 2014

HTML and CSS are the basic file formats of the web. Start here to learn to build web documents.


Course series objective:

Before you can write client-side single page applications with AngularJS or server side applications with ASP.NET or Ruby on Rails, you'll need to understand how to display text and images in a web browser. Completing this course series will give you confidence for any web development you do in the future.


Target audience:

Anyone capable of using a computer can start here to learn to create web documents. No programming or design knowledge is required.


Course sequence:

Course Duration
HTML Fundamentals 2h 13m
Introduction to CSS 2h 09m
HTML5 Fundamentals 3h 56m
Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 2h 35m
CSS3 In-Depth 6h 10m
Bootstrap 3 3h 50m
Total 20h 55m


Course series description:

You'll start with HTML Fundamentals, the basic file format of the web. You'll learn to display text, make lists, and use the hyperlink to move from page to page. Tables and images are also covered.

Next, add style to your markup with CSS! A separate file describes the colors, sizes, and shapes of elements. Then jump into the latest version of HTML: HTML5, including new features that will make your life easier as a developer!

You're halfway there! Follow up with two workshops on more new features in HTML5 and the new graphic capabilities of CSS3. Finally, learn Bootstrap, a set of stylesheets that will give your documents a consistent look and feel while showing you how a large scale web project should be structured.

To discover more about web development, check out our post with tons of advice and steps towards successful web development.

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Geoffrey Grosenbach

Geoffrey Grosenbach was the VP of Open Source at Pluralsight. He previously founded PeepCode and is an all around entrepreneur, developer, designer, teacher and athlete. Follow him on Twitter at @topfunky.