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Jun 17, 2015
4h 31m

In this Maya tutorial, we'll explore node-centric, pose-based deformers as drivers for corrective blend shapes. We'll learn how to accelerate the rigging process by using a free MEL script called abAutoRig.mel, as well as several code snippets and Python utilities to create a character rig, skin the model, paint weights, and apply corrective blend shapes. By the end of this Maya training, you'll have learned new strategies for completing the rigging process quickly and efficiently. Software required: Maya 2015, abAutoRig 6.0.3.

About the author
About the author

Eric Kunzendorf has been teaching computer graphics and animation at the college level for the last two decades at such varied institutions as Jacksonville University, the New Hampshire Institute of Art, the Atlanta College of Art, and the School of Visual Arts’ Savannah campus. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Art history from Columbia University and a Masters of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from the University of Georgia.

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