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Accessibility: Testing and Screen Reader Use

by Gerard K. Cohen

This course will teach you different techniques to efficiently and thoroughly test your websites for accessibility, using a combination of testing tools and various assistive technologies like screen readers.

What you'll learn

Testing for accessibility should be embedded into your daily workflow. In this course, Accessibility: Testing and Screen Reader Use, you’ll learn to test web sites for accessibility. First, you’ll explore simple techniques to test for the most common accessibility issues. Next, you’ll discover tools you can build into your daily workflow to prevent introducing new issues. Finally, you’ll learn how to test using assistive technologies like screen readers. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of testing techniques needed to ensure your websites are inclusive and accessible.

About the author

Over the past decade, Gerard has built and advised top-notch digital accessibility teams that have impacted millions of individuals worldwide. His experience ranges from supporting commercial financial applications responsible for transferring trillions of dollars globally, to enhancing accessibility on pre-Elon Twitter. Currently, Gerard drives the Atlassian Design System Accessibility Team where he collaborates with a group of exceptional designers and engineers to help enhance the accessibili... more

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