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Accessibility: Website Structure and Comprehension

by Matt Henry

Accessibility can be added on at the end or it could form the foundation of all your projects. This course will help you build robust and semantic websites that can be used by absolutely everybody.

What you'll learn

As web development gets more complex, more users on assistive technology become cut off from the content of the web. In this course, Accessibility: Website Structure and Comprehension, you’ll revisit the foundations of web development to prevent accessibility problems before they start. First, you’ll explore good semantic markup and structure. Next, you’ll discover how to make web interactions comprehensible. Finally, you’ll learn how to create user interfaces perceivable by users with a wide range of abilities. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the deep understanding of accessibility needed to create websites for everybody.

About the author

Matt makes products that help people learn. Through a career spanning film, video, design, development, product management, and course authoring Matt is a passionate elearning professional. Since he began working in technology during middle school, Matt's career has spanned film, video, design, development, product management, and course authoring. He is currently the Vice President of Product at Innovative Language Learning, building a learner-centered platform for students to reach their langu... more

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