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Accessing Data with F# Type Providers

by Tomas Petricek

Learn how to easily process XML documents and call JSON-based REST services using F# type providers, how to package your F# code into a reusable .NET library, and how to integrate it into a C# ASP.NET application.

What you'll learn

Modern applications need to access data from a variety of external data sources, including XML, SQL, and JSON-based services. In this course, we look at F# type providers. With type providers, you can easily explore and access a wide range of data sources directly from your code editor. We start by learning about type providers using the F# interactive and then we demonstrate how you can integrate data access code written in F# as part of a larger C# ASP.NET project.

About the author

Tomas is an open-source developer, book author, and computer scientist. He works on open-source F# libraries for data-science, but he also contributed to the design of the F# itself as an intern and consultant at Microsoft Research. He wrote a popular book called "Real-World Functional Programming" and edited a collection of practical F# case studies "F# Deep Dives".\r\n\r\nTomas recently completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge, working on types for understanding context usage in progr... more

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