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Dec 29, 2015
1h 54m

This course will provide evidence that adding purpose (corporate social responsibility) to your business can add profit. The course will then provide instructions for adding profit and purpose to your business, with a concluding case study.

About the author
About the author

Devin Thorpe, a "champion of social good," writes about, advocates for and advises change agents. Crowdfunding is a favorite tool for catalyzing change. He is a Forbes Contributor and a contributing editor at CrowdFundBeat. His books on personal finance and crowdfunding draw on his decades of entrepreneurial finance experience and his Cornell MBA.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Purpose Can Add Profit
Hello, my name is Devin Thorpe. Welcome to my course How to Add Profit to Your Business by Adding Purpose. I want to start by telling you about my hairdresser. Now please don't hold my hair against her, she didn't have much to work with. Teresa began taking care of and doing makeovers for homeless women in the beginning of 2015. She did this for about six months, and over the course of that period of time, she still does it, but over the course of the first six months she helped several women get jobs, including a couple that she hired to work right in her own salon. The local channel 2 news, KUTV did a story about her one evening as part of their Pay It Forward program of coverage, and the sponsor of the program, Mountain America Credit Union awarded her $500, which she turned around and gave to a homeless woman who needed teeth. I share this story with you because I think you can intuitively appreciate the value of this news coverage to her business, and I want you to begin thinking about the potential for creating that kind of value in your business, and that's what we'll cover in this course, so stay with us.

Scale Appropriately
Welcome back. This is module 3, Scale Appropriately. The point of this discussion is that your purpose program, your corporate social responsibility program needs to fit your scale, not the scale of your competition, not the scale of Microsoft, not the scale of anybody else that you see or that I may talk about. You need to focus on scaling your efforts to make a difference in the world to your ability and scale of your organization. Let's talk about what we'll talk about specifically. So first we're going to talk about three different types of giving, and how those can work synergistically. Next we'll talk about the 1% rule of thumb, and it's applicability to you and your circumstances. Next we'll talk about tips and examples for small, medium, and large enterprises, and finally I'll challenge you not just to make a difference, but to solve a problem because there's so much power for you and your enterprise in actually solving a problem than merely making a difference. So stay tuned, come back, and we will tackle the 3 types of giving and the 1% rule of thumb in our next clip.