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Adding a User Resource to a Rails Application

by Raphael Alampay

This course teaches how to represent data models as resources in your Rails application, using various routines to manage the underlying database schema. This provide a convenient way to abstract data models from the app, allowing high reusability.

What you'll learn

Any modern application will need to save data in a data store and more often than not, it’s a database. Unfortunately there are different types of databases, and addressing one will automatically make your application coupled with the technology. In this course, Adding User Resource in a Rails Application, you’ll learn to utilize the abstraction API of Rails in the data persistence level. First, you’ll explore how to define and implement your data models using ActiveRecord. Next, you’ll discover how to perform associations between several models to create relationships for derived data as needed by your application. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply your own logic to address software requirements in the persistence layer to implement business rules of your software. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of designing implementing data models as resources needed to provide data persistence in your application.

About the author

Raphael Alampay is the co-founder of Cloudband Solutions Co., a software development and consultancy company that caters to custom based software for SME around the globe. Using time and tested technology such as Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, PostgreSQL and Linux, he has a passion for creating applications that solve real world problems making businesses more efficient and innovative at the same time. His craft in software is largely based on the philosophy of "kaizen" which means continuous impr... more

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