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ADFS2 and WIF 3.5

by Paul Lemmers

Explains Federated SSO and the "Claims Aware" programming model in ASP.NET: the Zen, architecture, implementation, setup, customization and protocols.

What you'll learn

The course contains an introduction to Single Sign-On. An in depth explanation of the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) and the ADFS version 2 server. In depth means: bits and bytes of the HTTP requests and responses, HttpModules, and customization. The analysis of the protocol is done with Fiddler2 and code analysis with Reflector. It also covers the Claims Language, Metadata and SAML2 partners. One module walks through some common scenarios and shows with code and configuration how to implement them.

About the author

Paul is an independent consultant and originally focused on technical software (robotics), then moved into (lower layers) network programming. Currently he sails the much murkier waters of Identity Management and Identity Federation, that way combining the interest in both programming and network infrastructure.

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