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Administering Amazon Aurora on Amazon RDS

by Aaron Medacco

Amazon Aurora is a relational database that combines the power of commercial-grade performance with affordability and open-source. This course will help you master Aurora operations and understand why Aurora is the fastest growing service of AWS.

What you'll learn

AWS is reinventing the relational database landscape with their fast-growing engine, Amazon Aurora. In this course, Administering Amazon Aurora on Amazon RDS, you'll learn everything you'll need to migrate and operate Aurora clusters in AWS. First, you'll see the innovations Aurora is making and how to create an Aurora cluster. Next, you'll discover how to migrate existing databases to Aurora and how to manage, scale, and monitor those databases. Finally, you'll explore Aurora cloning, integration with other AWS services like Lambda, and bleeding edge technologies, Aurora Serverless and Aurora Multi-Master. After taking this course, you'll have gained the skills necessary to provide real-world value to organizations using Amazon Aurora.

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About the author

Aaron has worked as both a cloud architect and software developer, specializing in solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). He holds several certifications encompassing development, architecture, and operations within the AWS cloud service suite. Aaron has contributed to companies offering services in the healthcare, training, point-of-sale and e-commerce sectors of business. His interests in the cloud space include automation, serverless computing, data, and security. When he isn't working on hi... more

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