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Setting Up and Configuring a New Salesforce Organization

by Otto Warner

Learn the basics of setting up your Organization in Salesforce with a walk-through of the Organization settings in the platform and familiarize yourself with Salesforce's capabilities.

What you'll learn

Getting your company set up on the Salesforce platform can seem intimidating. In this course, Setting Up and Configuring a New Salesforce Organization, you will learn the foundational knowledge necessary to understand what Salesforce is capable of and which settings you need to consider for your own company in order to get going as quickly as possible. First, you will learn about how an Organization is defined in Salesforce. Next, you will discover available configuration settings within the platform. Finally, you will see a demo of a basic Organization setup in Salesforce.
When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge required to get your company set up and operating in Salesforce in no time.

About the author

Otto has over ten years of experience in digital marketing process and technology implementations. His career has spanned from supporting small and micro businesses to get started with email marketing, founding and running a web.development company, and consulting on enterprise implementations of Marketing Automation Platforms. His broad experience has allowed him to bring insight and context into the real world use of marketing technology

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