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Administering Service and Support Applications in Salesforce

by Adrien Sacco

This course will teach you how to administer Salesforce Service Cloud, allowing you to solve the challenges that a Support organization faces. You will learn how to configure the objects and features that enable a productive Service organization.

What you'll learn

Salesforce Service Cloud is one of the leading customer service options on the market. In this course, Administering Service and Support Applications in Salesforce, you’ll learn to administer and maintain the Service and Support features of a Salesforce Service Cloud organization. First, you’ll discover the important objects that make up the Service Cloud and their relationships with each other. Next, you’ll explore the Service and Support features that enable your users to be more efficient and self-reliant in their day-to-day job. Finally, you’ll learn how to configure and customize each feature step-by-step to match the way your company does business with real-life examples to show you how real companies use Service Cloud. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Service Cloud needed to administer your Service Cloud organization with success, making your users’ lives easier.

About the author

Adrien Sacco is a Salesforce Certified Professional and Consultant, with 10+ years of experience implementing CRMs and Marketing Automation technology. He is extremely passionate in helping others learn what they need to succeed in their career.

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