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Managing Users in Salesforce

by Otto Warner

Learn about the various user settings available in Salesforce, from creating profiles, permission sets and roles, to creating a user and managing administrative tasks, like password resets, freezing and unlocking accounts, and more.

What you'll learn

Configuring Salesforce users is more than just creating a profile and a username. In this course, Managing Users in Salesforce, you will gain all of the knowledge necessary to setup your user permissions, and create your users. First, you will learn about how Salesforce manages access rights and permissions. Next, you will discover the various settings available for configuring a user. Finally, you will see a demo of how to create a new user in Salesforce, and maintain existing users. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to configure your organization's access right, create your users, and manage user access and other administrative tasks.

About the author

Otto has over ten years of experience in digital marketing process and technology implementations. His career has spanned from supporting small and micro businesses to get started with email marketing, founding and running a web.development company, and consulting on enterprise implementations of Marketing Automation Platforms. His broad experience has allowed him to bring insight and context into the real world use of marketing technology

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