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Advanced Branching and Looping in GO

by Ashish Minocha

In the Advanced Branching and Looping in GO course, you will learn how to effectively use loops and branch statements in a wide variety of use cases. We will demonstrate the best practices with several demos and mini-projects for business objectives.

What you'll learn

GO is a relatively new programming language. In this course, Advanced Branching and Looping in GO, you will gain the ability to effectively use the GO for loop statement, and the 2 available branch statements If/else and Switch in real world applications.

First, you will learn the different use cases available at your disposal. Next, you will discover the various ways that you can use these control structures by developing several independent programs and demos. Finally, you will explore how to use these control statements with business requirements using complete end to end mini-projects.

When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of the GO control structures needed to complete simple to complex tasks using GO loops and branch statements.

About the author

Ashish is a Technology Manager and architect with a deep passion for Cloud and been engaged with developing Cloud based solutions for Global Clients. He began his career with Windows NT and has done MCSE 2 times (now legacy) and he's Azure Architect certified. For many years, he worked on implementing Enterprise IP Telephony and deploying different CRM systems. He's had the privilege to work for different industries like Service, Manufacturing, Automotive and Banking. He loves understanding clie... more

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