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Advanced Generators and Coroutines in Python 3

by Axel Sirota

Making software run optimized, lazy, performant, and concurrent without errors is hard. You will learn to master the use of generators and coroutines that are the keystone to async concurrency and lazy computations.

What you'll learn

Life is about waiting, so how about for once letting Python wait for you? Generators and coroutines are Python's main ingredients for lazy programming and letting code run concurrently in the same thread. In this course, Advanced Generators and Coroutines in Python 3, you will learn foundational knowledge of generators and coroutines in Python. First, you will learn generators. Next, you will discover how generators can be chained in complex data pipelines. Finally, you will explore how to run code concurrently and single-threaded with coroutines and event loops. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of generators and coroutines needed to make features run concurrently and optimized easier than ever before.

About the author

Axel Sirota is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with a deep interest in Deep Learning and Machine Learning Operations. He has a Masters degree in Mathematics and after researching in Probability, Statistics and Machine Learning optimisation, he works as an AI and Cloud Consultant as well as being an Author and Instructor at Pluralsight, Develop Intelligence, and O'Reilly Media.

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