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Salesforce Security Deep Dive

This course will teach you all the ways to share data in Salesforce, as well as how to secure an org and configure security for different types of users. These skills will help prepare you for the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator exam.

What you'll learn

Salesforce security can be extremely complex. In this course, Salesforce Security Deep Dive, you’ll delve into sharing data in Salesforce and how to effectively secure an organization. First, you’ll explore configuring object and field level security with profiles, permission sets, and permission set groups. Next, you’ll discover the many ways to share records including setting organization-wide defaults, configuring the role hierarchy, creating sharing rules, and how to manually share records. Finally, you’ll learn how to restrict access to an organization using IP ranges and login hours. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of data sharing and org administration needed to fully administer a Salesforce org, and answer the age old question of ‘who sees what?’.

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