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Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for Windows Server

by Bruce Mackenzie-Low

Sysadmins must know how to resolve Blue Screens of Death, hangs, and performance outages. In this course, real-world demos illustrate techniques, tools, and scripts used to identify buggy drivers, failing hardware, and resource bottlenecks.

What you'll learn

Unexpected system outages can challenge even the most seasoned administrators. Knowing what to do and the right tools to use can mean the difference between a few minutes of downtime versus hours or even days of disruption. In this course, Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for Windows Server, you will learn how to tackle real-world outages. First, you will analyze the most common Blue Screens of Death (BSOD). Then, you will remediate hardware crashes, resolve hangs and lockups, and identify depleted resources and performance bottlenecks. Finally, you will see the best troubleshooting practices and techniques illustrated by over a dozen real-world demonstrations. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to tackle the toughest outages in your environment.

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About the author

Bruce is a master consultant at HP providing 3rd level worldwide support on Microsoft Windows based products including Failover Clusters, Crash Dump Analysis and Performance Tuning. With over 25 years of computing experience at Digital, Compaq and HP, Bruce is a well-known resource for resolving highly complex problems involving clusters, SAN’s, networking and internals. He has taught extensively throughout his career always leaving his audience energized with his enthusiasm for technology.

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