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AEM Building Full Stack Components

by Tyler Maynard

Learn to leverage AEM's rendering lifecycle to architect solutions based on designs. You'll work with components, editable templates, and page properties to build content structures that are returned as JSON from an API endpoint.

What you'll learn

Architecting solutions in AEM is no simple task. In this course, AEM Building Full Stack Components, you will learn to leverage AEM's rendering lifecycle to build full stack AEM solutions. First, you will learn to translate designs into components. Next, you will discover how to build content structures with editable templates. Finally, you will explore how to build API endpoints that return JSON from the JCR. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of AEM's rendering lifecycle needed to architect AEM solutions.

About the author

Tyler Maynard is an AEM Developer, Entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor based out of Salt Lake City, UT. He got his start in Digital Media at as an Image Producer but over the years found his passion in development, design and UX, in no particular order. Whether he is teaching the local students about streams in Node.js or on-boarding developers to AEM's complex development lifecycle, he is always helping others find solutions through technology.

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