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Affinity Designer Fundamentals

by Greg Warner

Learn the essentials of vector and raster-based design in Affinity Designer, a modern and powerful creative application. This course will teach you the basics of vector drawing, working with type, photo editing, and more.

What you'll learn

Are you wanting to learn the basics of vector, graphic, or UI design, or looking to expand your professional design toolset? In this course, Affinity Designer Fundamentals, you'll learn the core features of a modern and flexible cross-platform design tool that's powerful enough for professional users, yet accessible enough for beginners. First, you'll explore layer management, shape creation, and working with color in the Draw Persona. Then, you'll discover techniques for photo editing and adding textures in the Pixel Persona. Finally, you'll learn how to save final artwork while saving time and effort using the Export Persona. When you're finished with this course, you'll have gained knowledge of the essential tools for creating professional illustrations, web and interface designs, game assets, and more. Software required: Affinity Designer.

About the author

Greg Warner is the UI/UX design lead at Worthwhile, a custom software firm hailing from Greenville, SC. Affinity Designer, Sketch, Affinity Photo, and code are his tools of choice. Greg loves healthy challenges that result in products that genuinely make life better for users. He gets creative input from everything—his faith, time with his wife and family, music, film, and the outdoors. Greg loves learning and doesn't plan to stop.

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