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Aggregating Data across Documents in MongoDB 4

by Axel Sirota

Over this course, you will discover all the tips, tricks and nuances that are related to the Aggregation Framework and how to tame them.

What you'll learn

MongoDB is amazing! It is fast, reliable, highly scalable and flexible; and at the core of its flexibility, there is the Aggregation Framework. In this course, Aggregating Data across Documents in MongoDB 4, you will learn all the ways in which one find data throughout many documents. First, you will learn the Aggregation Framework in MongoDB, comparing it to Map Reduce and understanding the $match and $project stages. Next, you will discover about grouping our results and how to handle arrays with $unwind. Finally, you will explore how to save advanced reports on multiple types of aggregations. When you've finished this course, you will have foundational knowledge of the aggregation pipelines in MongoDB that will help you make the most complex operation seem incredibly easy!

About the author

Axel Sirota is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with a deep interest in Deep Learning and Machine Learning Operations. He has a Masters degree in Mathematics and after researching in Probability, Statistics and Machine Learning optimisation, he works as an AI and Cloud Consultant as well as being an Author and Instructor at Pluralsight, Develop Intelligence, and O'Reilly Media.

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