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Planning in Agile Environments

by Casey Ayers

While Agile teams thrive by adjusting to maximize value, that doesn’t mean thoughtful preparation is unnecessary for adaptive projects. This course explores the role of planning in maximizing the versatility that empowers Agile teams to succeed.

What you'll learn

Agile teams embrace uncertainty and the ability to quickly adjust to changing environments, but that doesn’t mean planning has no role to play in their success. Rather, the most effective Agile teams are the ones that can harness thoughtful preparation to facilitate their ability to adapt to change. In this course, Planning in Agile Environments, you’ll first learn how Agile teams organize their work to achieve objectives. Next, you’ll discover the role of release planning and backlog management in ensuring team efforts are best allocated at any given moment. Finally, you’ll explore how to measure your success in coordinating team action and how to continuously improve on your approach to planning in an Agile setting. By the end of this course, you’ll develop an appreciation for the role of planning in Agile projects, and better understand how to set your Agile team up for success.

About the author

Casey has experience leading projects, analyzing challenges, and designing solutions in many fields, including healthcare, digital media, mobile app development and education. He's always in pursuit of new knowledge and loves to share what he learns along the way with others. To inquire about speaking engagements or consulting opportunities, and to learn more about his other ventures, visit

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