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Agile Requirements Process: From Idea to Minimum Viable Product

by Rusty Divine

Do you have an idea for a startup or have you been assigned to a new project? This course will teach you how to start a project quickly and efficiently and avoid that chaotic back-and-forth nature. You will learn how to get everyone involved in the new project to agree on the vision, objective, and course the project should take so that your chances of success are maximized.

What you'll learn

This course will teach developers, business analysts, project managers, and entrepreneurs a definite process to prepare for building a new software solution that will garner a shared vision for the project and lead to a minimum viable product. The course will teach how to create a flexible project plan with prioritized features, estimated level of effort, and a preliminary design that is ready for an agile development team to start building. Students will actively participate in the analysis of an example project so that they can get hands-on experience with the process. After taking this course, students will know how much up front analysis is enough to get an agile project started, tips to convince their organization to use this process, and how they may use these skills to develop their own software ideas.

About the author

Rusty Divine is a technical lead who cultivates a fun and friendly environment for his agile team where it is safe to make mistakes and continually learn. Rusty specializes in .Net web applications for businesses and enjoys working with customers and stakeholders, coaching developers, and helping manage projects. Rusty has a scientist's training and curiosity with a degree in Geology that took him to Antarctica to study climate change for a season. Rusty also enjoys cooking and one day will crea... more

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