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Agile Transformation: Executive Briefing

by Matthew Pizzi

Organizations find themselves at an intersection, an intersection of change from an organizational model designed in the industrial economy to a new model, one of agility, for today's digital economy. Learn more about what that change looks like.

What you'll learn

To make your organization more efficient and effective, you may require an Agile transformation. In this course, Agile Transformation: Executive Briefing, you will get an overview of what an Agile transformation is and what’s required to implement one in your organization. First, you will understand the differences between Agile and non-Agile businesses. Next, you will be able to distinguish between an Agile adoption vs. an Agile transformation. Finally, you will explore what mindset and culture changes are needed for a successful transformation. When you are finished with this course, you will have a better understanding of what an Agile transformation is, and what changes you’ll need to consider to implement a transformation within your own enterprise.

About the author

Matthew Pizzi has over 20+ years in the training industry. He's currently Sr. Director of Developer and Product & Business Skills for Pluralsight and joined the company after Pluralsight acquired his company Train Simple. He's been a speaker at industry events like Adobe MAX and Social Media Week and has authored several technology books.

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