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Alan Turing's Wonderful Machine

by Dan Sullivan

A programmer's view of Alan Turing's ground breaking paper "On Computable Numbers with an Applications to the Entscheidungsproblem".

What you'll learn

'On Computable Numbers...' lays out the foundation of what today we call the theory of computation. Turing points out that there are sequences of zeros and ones that no computer can generate. He also cracked one of the outstanding problems in formal logic at the time, the Endtscheidungsproblem, or decision problem. This course from the point of view of programmer, not a mathematician.

About the author

Dan is an independent consultant, author, and speaker. He likes data; pointy data, rectangular data, even data just lying around on the floor. He is a co-author of the book "A Developers Guide to SQL Server 2005". His articles have been published in MSDN Magazine and SQL Server Magazine and he has spoken at WinDev, Microsoft events, as well as to various developer groups.

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