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Implementing Amazon Inspector

by Chad Smith

Security audits can be time-consuming and complicated. This course will teach you how to implement automated auditing of your EC2 instances in AWS.

What you'll learn

Security in the cloud can be difficult to implement using tools designed for on-premise data centers. In this course, Implementing Amazon Inspector, you'll learn how to automate ongoing security audits using this service on EC2 instances. First, you'll explore how to install the Inspector Agent. Next, you'll learn about the various components of the service and how to create audits. Finally, you'll discover how to implement manual or fully automated ongoing reports with notifications based on the findings. By the end of this course, you'll have an understanding of Amazon Inspector and some of it's most important uses.

About the author

Chad Smith is a unix guru by training, but has spent the last 5+ years immersed in AWS. He is certified in both Architecture and System Operations, as well as a certified AWS trainer. He has worked in many facets of industry, including academia, startups, construction, and large enterprises, holding various levels of responsibility within IT and technology.

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