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Visualizing Data with Amazon QuickSight

by Aaron Medacco

Amazon QuickSight is a new, cloud-based business analytics service enabling users to visualize and extract business insight from their data. This course teaches you how to connect, prepare and analyze your data inside one of Amazon's newest services.

What you'll learn

Using data and analytics to drive decision-making ensures organizations stay competitive and efficient. In this course, Visualizing Data with Amazon QuickSight, you'll begin by learning how to create and manage a QuickSight account. From there, you'll explore the steps required to connect your data sources, both on-premises and cloud-based, to the QuickSight service. Next, you'll discover how to prepare data sets within the QuickSight interface using items like filters and calculated fields. Finally, you'll master how to analyze data sets using the features and visualizations provided by one of the newest offerings of Amazon Web Services. By the end of this course, you'll evolve from someone who has never seen QuickSight to a pro capable of analyzing your own data to drive and inform critical decision-making.

About the author

Aaron is an independent cloud architect and software developer, specializing in solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). He holds several certifications encompassing development, architecture, and operations within the AWS cloud service suite. Aaron has contributed to companies offering services in the healthcare, training, and e-commerce sectors of business. His interests in the cloud space include automation, serverless computing, data, and security. When he isn't working on his next project, Aaron can be found gaming with friends, or at the local poker tables.

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