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Analyzing Financial Results in Excel

by Brent Allen

This course provides an overview of some major financial schedules that are completed in Excel for cash flow management and project evaluation, as well as key Excel financial functions.

What you'll learn

When working with business partners, you need to know how projects generate money for the business! In this course, Analyzing Financial Results in Excel, you will learn foundational knowledge in Excel financial formulas, in the context of evaluating IT projects. First, you will learn asset depreciation formulas. Next, you will discover evaluating projects using discounted cash flows. Finally, you will explore how to generate a loan schedule using Excel. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Excel formulas needed for monitoring cash flow and evaluating projects on a financial basis.

About the author

Brent Allen is a finance and technology professional with an MBA from Queen's University and is a Certified Professional Accountant in Canada. He has worked as a finance and technology professional for large businesses across multiple sectors, including TD Securities, McDonald's and BentallGreenOak. In his roles as a financial and business analyst, he has been responsible for automating key financial processes using Excel, Access and VBA. He has acted as a system owner for key financial systems,... more

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